All posts moderated?

Are all posts to this forum moderated or are they moderated for a specific period for each user?

Please look at the on-screen message that is displayed after you post your question. We will approve (if necessary) and answer your question as soon as we can. We are all volunteers.


I understand that but are you saying this is a permanent state? Often when I post a question I’m a bit impatient as it’s usually related to some project that’s on a deadline and having to wait for every post to be approved sounds like a concern. As noted elsewhere I’m trying to decide if I’m best moving away from Sound Forge and moving everything to Audacity. Part of that equation is the usefulness of the community. If every post is delayed that factors into my thinking.

I understand fully about the volunteer status and nothing I’m saying is emotional. It’s simply a calculation of how to proceed next. For me permanent moderation is a huge negative.

Moderator note: please see the PM I sent to you.

It doesn’t create any significant delay. All your questions have been answered quickly. Even without moderation, you still have to wait for someone to answer.

Our target is to respond within 48 hours. Most questions will be answered in 24 hours or less (usually much less). If you want immediate support by telephone you will need to look elsewhere, probably at commercial software. Audacity is free.

As above, you can be assured moderation does not delay response (it delays it by less than 30 seconds).

I will PM you to answer your question directly.


I wasn’t worried about any delays in answering. There it’s clear you need to wait for others to have time. My main concern was in delays of the initial question getting out there for the community to answer (and possibly those affiliated with Audacity as volunteers).

You guys are doing a solid job so it’s not a factor. I just wanted to know what the variables were to make and informed choice. I have that now.