All my projects suddenly will not open anymore :(

I feel like crying!!! I am a dance studio owner and all my projects (10) on Audacity suddenly do not want to open.

Can someone save me please???

This is the error message I see:

“timestamp”: 1641950743,
“event_id”: “3ee57bb56e8c6a42ad8a8441bfd16109”,
“platform”: “native”,
“release”: “audacity@3.1.3”,
“contexts”: {
“os”: {
“type”: “os”,
“name”: “Windows”,
“version”: “10.0.19044”
“exception”: {
“values”: [
“type”: “Error_Opening_Project”,
“value”: “Failed to open database file:\n\nODY ”,
“mechanism”: {
“type”: “runtime_error”,
“handled”: false,
“data”: {
“sqlite3.rc”: “14”,
“sqlite3.context”: “DBConnection::ModeConfig”,
“sqlite3.mode”: “PRAGMA .page_size = 65536;VACUUM;”,
“log”: “20:25:43: DBConnection SetDBError\n\tErrorCode: 14\n\tLastError: Failed to set page size for database ODY \n\tLibraryError: unable to open database file\n20:25:43: DBConnection SetError\n\tErrorCode: 14\n\tLastError: Failed to open database file:\n\nODY \n\tLibraryError: (14): unable to open database file\n”
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Jademan will be along shortly. He does the rescue works. I don’t know which time zone he’s in.

Now that it’s too late: it’s highly recommended that you export valuable works as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit copies in case of damage or loss. WAV sound files are more robust and stable than Audacity Projects.

Another item is to be able to point two to different places that have copies of your valuable work. Internal drive, external drives, thumb drives, network drives and cloud drives each count as “one.” Audacity only runs well from the C:\ drive.

In the case of Windows, it’s possible to install two internal drives, one C:\ and one D:. That counts as one each. I have rescued damaged work from the second drive when the Windows drive, C:, would not wake up.

We’ll see what Jademan says.


So it seems your project is failing with an error code 14. I’ve never seen this before, but the reference says:

The SQLITE_CANTOPEN result code indicates that SQLite was unable to open a file. The file in question might be a primary database file or one of several temporary disk files.

which doesn’t tell us a lot.

I’m thinking that perhaps something has changed with your system, and that the problem is somehow related to your environment and not with your projects. I (or koz) can speculate as to what this something might be. You probably know more than we do:

What changes have been made to your computer ?

What happens when you try to create a new project?

Have you tried rebooting?

I’m betting it is not too late. :smiley:

No changes on my computer happened… besides the fact that I did not open it my computer since my last day of teaching in december

I a able to start a new project and save it AUP3. As the others were.

But the ones already created and that were working in december suddenly won’t open…

Hmm… (Jademan says as he scratches his head)

OK, go ahead and zip up the smallest of your .aup3 project files that will not open and upload it to a public file sharing service. Post (or PM me) a link. I’ll take a look at it.

Another user offered this:

I did copy the un-openable file from my Mac based Google Drive to the local drive on the same Mac (“natively” sts) and then it opened without a hitch!

So this is a school computer? Are your projects on the local hard drive or on a networked drive?