All I did was buy a new computer and get the latest version.


Like I said I bought a new computer because our old was running Windows 7 and version of 2. something of Audacity.

As far as I know, no other changes have been made to our soundboard.

Now there’s hardly any modulation to record. I’ve turned up everything slider/volume control I can find.

Any Ideas?

W. Kirk Crawford
Tularosa, New Mexico

There are level sliders hidden in Windows recording devices, e.g.
Windows recording devices, properties, levels.png
Or it could be you are recording from the wrong device, say the computer’s inbuilt microphone, when you are trying to record from a mixer.

https ://


Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ll try that. It is connected to the soundboard.

W. Kirk Crawford
Tularosa, New Mexico


That worked, but I need someone to help me test.

I’m much better now.

Thank you so much.

W. Kirk Crawford
Tularosa, New Mexico