All files orphaned after crash - recovered file is in mono?

Hi everyone, I am new to audacity (3rd episode of a podcast). I was working on a file recorded last year that contained 2 stereo tracks - an interview between 2 people. Audacity 2.3.0 crashed.When I reopened the program I was given the chance to recover the last project, which I did. However it contains a mono file which seems to be he audio from one mic - I can hear the other person however it is very low.

When I reopen the original file, the audio is completely blank and a warning jumps up saying there are almos 2,000 orphan block files not being used - I presume this is the audio but the project is no longer linked to it (or something). I have tried listening to the odd one and fear it’s the same as the recovered file - one mic audible and the other just barely in the background.

Is there any way of recovering the original file, or re-linking the orphaned files to the project?

I backed up the project on Dropbox - although maybe that was a mistake as it seems to be constantly syncing in order to save files as I’m working on them. Any help much appreciated - have found Audacity so great so far but am desperate to get the original file back if possible! All help greatly appreciated…

Operating on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Dropbox may be used to store backups, but there’s a right way (safe way) to do that:

  1. Save the project
  2. Close Audacity. This is important as it allows Audacity to clean up after itself.
  3. Make a Zip archive of the entire project (the “.aup” file and the “_data” folder)
  4. Upload the Zip archive to Dropbox.

Don’t try putting Audacity projects in your Dropbox folder without zipping them first, and never try working on a project that is in your Dropbox folder.

I very much doubt it. It’ll be like trying to do a 2000 piece jigsaw where all the pieces look very much the same, without a picture on the lid to show you what it should look like.