All features not available in Windows 10 PRO?

Just downloaded the latest 2.3.2 version and noticed that a lot of the drop down menu options such as the speed/pitch control settings, effects, mixer etc were in light print i.e.unavailable…

Is this a problem w/my laptop OS/specs or something else?

Thx in advance for any help w/this…

Do you have a file loaded?

Are playback and recording stopped (not just paused)?

If you don’t have an active timeline or some sound working, the drop-downs will give you a sea of gray.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 15.50.05.png

In other words this is just due to my having checked out the dropdowns without having any tracks/files loaded?

my having checked out the dropdowns without having any tracks/files loaded


You don’t even have to open anything. Generate > Noise > OK. (for example).


Hey thx to both Kozikowski + DVDDoug for clearing this up for me… just downloaded this today for the first time and would appreciate being able to run things by you guys as they come up… Is there a way to contact you directly or should I just continue to post here?

Please continue to post in pubic. We don’t all know everything but usually somebody can help. And, it allows everybody to learn from each other. And, we are not all on the forum 24 hours a day.

I run Audacity 2.3.2 (and the alpha test build I have for the upcoming 2.3.3 release) on both W10 Home and W10 Professional - fully functional and works properly on both.


Again much thx to everyone who replied here and glad to find this is an active forum where questions are answered right away, will definitely be making use of it…

BTW waxycylinder I just got my laptop recently and have been finding that a lot of the online info/instructions for how to do things in Windows 10 may not be applicable to Windows 10 PRO(either that or I may not have understood things and did it incorrectly, still finding my way around things)… would you have any links to online sites/articles where things like -

-getting rid of Cortana while still keeping the search function intact

-having Chrome installed as both search engine and default browser yet Edge, while I want to keep it active for now while I continue to see how things work,still is what things are opening in( a “background app”?)

and just generally situations specific to W10PR0 are covered?

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I just ended up with W10 Pro because I bought a small laptop from the HP Store and I wanted a 512GB SSD - and they only do those as “Business PCs” and hence they get W10 Pro pre-installed.

The main differences between W10 Home and W10 Pro appear to be a higher level of security functions on Pro - no facial login no fingerprint login - I did find a Microsoft site a while back through Googling that explained the differences.