ALL Effects are greyed out while working with a MIDI file.

I’m trying to up the tempo on a single MIDI file. It doesn’t matter if I select part of the track, or all of the track, every effect option is greyed out. Ultimately, I just want to up the tempo so that I can assign different instruments to the overall pattern. But like I said, all effects are greyed out, Is this a MIDI limitation?


  1. Launch Audacity 3.2.2
  2. Load a MIDI file to track 1
  3. Select a part of the MIDI file with the cursor or all user CTRL+A
  4. Toolbar → Effect → Pitch and Tempo — All options are greyed out.

I know my plug-ins are geared towards “complete” tracks, and not Patter Maps, like MIDI, but why are Pitch and Speed unselectable?

Thank You in advance!

Audacity doesn’t really know how to work with MIDI yet. The existing MIDI support really only serves as a guide if you want to record something, it can’t be edited in any meaningful way.