All Audio Tracks get deleted by Pressing Delete

Audacity Version 2.1.2

Working with the software. I recently noticed that After recording more than one Audio Tracks. Trying to delete one of the Audio Tracks by pressing Delete; Deleted all the Recorded Audio tracks. I was unable to delete one Audio Track Individually.

I believe We should be able to Delete Audio tracks Separately. In case one needs to use one of The Recorded Audio track and not the other.

I think this could be one of two things:

By default, if no audio is selected, then Audacity will apply edits and effects to the entire project.
This is a setting in Preferences: “Select all audio in project, if none selected”
To delete just one track, or part of a track, select the audio that you wish to delete. See:

The other possibility is that you may have accidentally enabled “Sync Lock”. Normally this should be off (not selected):