Aligning Separately Imported Tascam Tracks

13" 2015 MacBook Pro
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5
Audacity 2.4.1
Tascam Portastudio 424 MKIII
Behringer U-PHONO UFO202

New to Audacity & I love it.
I’ve been importing my Portastudio recordings onto my Mac via the UFO202 two tracks at a time (in stereo).
NOTE: I only have 3 tracks recorded (Drum track, Drum ‘effects’ track & Guitar) & I import the Drum track twice to accurately align (in theory).

However, when I go to Align the two imported stereo tracks, I can get them to sync up at the beginning perfectly, but by about halfway through the song the timing has shifted so they do not line up exactly. The tracks end up a bit off - even when I trim & line them up to pinpoint accuracy.

Am I missing something?
Is this just what happens when importing tracks from tape separately?
Anything I can do to correct this?
Do I need to get a different audio interface that can handle more than two tracks at a time (any suggestions?)?

HELP + Thanks in advance!

If you have to re-run the analog tape,
then inevitably the accurate digital-captures thereof will drift out-of-sync.

You should be able to use the Change Speed effect to compensate.

– Bill

Yes Trebor - that’s what I have to do. Makes sense though.

I’ll check out Change Speed - thanks Bill!