Aligning Multiple Tracks to a Main Track

Hello, I have a very quick question about aligning multiple tracks. Currently it’s done using the mouse and dragging the added track back or forth to align with the main track. The problem with this method is that it’s almost impossible to get an EXACT alignment, it’s typically off by a nano -second (ahead or behind) which can make a huge difference and very frustrating… I’ve spent hours trying to get it exact without success. Question: Is there a better method in Audacity to get a perfect alignment ? I add my own guitar tracks to a main backing track and perfect alignment is so important. Thanks !!

I think I can answer my own question, I just discovered this: ZOOM IN on the tracks you are trying to align. It widens or stretches out the wave form so that it’s much easier and more precise when dragging the track forward or backward to get an exact alignment. AMAZING !!

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