Aligning .FLAC tracks

Hi. When I aligned some tracks, I noticed that the new track did not sound as full as the original, also, the megadata(?) was lost as the album cover is missing…any tips? I have W. 10 PRO.

Time-shifting won’t affect sound quality and FLAC is lossless.* So, either you are doing something besides time-shifting or it’s your imagination.

Audacity’s metadata editor doesn’t support artwork so you’ll need to use another application to put it back.


  • By default, Audacity will [u]dither[/u], but it’s generally inaudible and it doesn’t make the sound “less full” you can optionally turn it off.

You’re right Doug…sound quality should not be changed but nevertheless I am hearing a difference and since I know it’s not my “imagination” as you put it, I will turn the ‘dither’ off to see if that helps.