Aligning adjacent labels vertically

There are multiple labels in a label track, marking consecutive sections of a recording. The first two align vertically, with no effort on my part; that’s nice. But marking the next section is not so nice: the label insists on being displaced downward, and resists every effort to move the label up into alignment with the first two section labels. In the manual, “moving labels” seems to refer only to movement along the timeline, not with respect to aligning vertically with other labels. Is there a way to do what I want? What governs label vertical placement? Why do some labels align automatically, but not others?

Have you tried zooming in (Ctrl+1) ? If there is not enough space to display a label, Audacity will push the display downward.

Oh! - it was just that simple? Given the space between labels, it had not occurred to me. (There is more space between the labels that will not align than between those that align automatically.) I guess I still must learn something about how the program calculates that requirement - but at least you have tipped me to the right direction for thinking about this. Thanks!

Just a quick follow-up for anyone who might come upon this and need a final resolution to the question: The factor that inhibits alignment of successive sections is not the space between labels (that is, the label text box), but completely within the last aligned labeled section. The algorithm depends on whether the label text box extends to the end (in time) of that label’s section. If so, it will not allow a following section to join the alignment, even if there is no overlap of the text boxes.

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