Align Tracks - End to End but bump track to play over fade?

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version 3.2.5 Windows

I do a podcast put together from about 6 different news stories. Each story is produced as a separate track with a music bed under that has a cold start and a fade end so it can play as a stand alone on a radio station. I put them together for a podcast.

I import them and use Tracks - Align Tracks - Align End to End

Now I have the podcast Intro followed by a stories and the next story after that in the order I want down to the Outro.

That works great but I would like to bump the start of each track over the fade of the previous tracks bed without having to manually adjust each track. Is there a way to Align End to End and have it adjust for a .5 second overlap or anything like that?

It is not a big deal but I am wondering if there is an easy way to do it.


How to create a crossfade

But when they are all aligned on the same track, use crossfade clips …

Thanks guys that is very close to what I want to do and I have used those features. However I don’t need or want to adjust tracks and mix them. The music bed of the stories fades out quickly at the end of the story so no need to mix. I just want a little bit (.5 of a second or so) of the fade to go over the intro of the next story when I add them using the align feature. I could adjust them all one by one and mix or not mix as needed. I was hoping the align had something I didn’t know about.

If I can’t do it other than the mix features then that’s ok.

The short answer is adjusting the tracks one by one is probably the quickest way.

  • Work from left to right (top to bottom) so that you can see where the track that you are moving needs to go.
  • If any track contains more than one audio clip, click on the track and use the shortcut sequence:
    “J” (cursor to track start),
    “Shift + K” (extend selection to end of track)
    so that you can move all of the clips in the track together.

Theoretically it would be possible to write a “Nyquist Macro” to accomplish the task, but unless you need to use this procedure on a daily basis it is probably more work developing the macro than doing the task manually.

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