Align Ends of multiple tracks? How?

I have been trying to align multiple tracks with the ends aligned. Not the start. (see image).
(My main purpose is to fade out all track simultaneously near the end of each file.)

Currently I spend time highlighting all tracks, and perform a “reverse”, then highlight and “align together”.
This works. But doing this to 100 or more files is a long process.
However, this puts all files backwards. I then perform a “fade” in at what is now the start of the files,
and then I have to perform yet another reverse to all files in order to get them back to normal.

Is there a faster way to simply align all tracks, let’s say 100 or more without doing it my old way?

Looks like you’re trying to batch-process a fade-out on 100 files.
See … Macros - Audacity Manual
or … SoX - Wikipedia