Aliasing in Nyquist Prompt

Can you make Aliasing (you know, where the spectrogram has been mirrored to the top) in the Nyquist Prompt? I apparently have a very low-quality song, that I have to fix for remaster’s sake.

A method for making low quality songs high quality again states:
Remove any noise in the Spectral Selection
Use an aliasing plug-in
Resample to 32000kHz
Resample to 61000kHz (doesn’t matter which frequency samples you type)
Use the aliasing plug-in again
Resample back to 44100kHz

So I’m wondering if you could do aliasing in Nyquist Prompt.
(Sorry for annoying you once again)

I don’t know exactly what effect you’re using, but in general aliasing creates lower frequencies that are not musically related and that’s probably not what you want. But if you like the effect, go with it!

If you want to add high frequency harmonics try the [u]Harmonic Enhancer[/u]. (Sometimes these are called “exciter” effects after Ahpex Aural Exciter.)

A method for making low quality songs high quality again states:

That would depend on what’s wrong with the audio (diagnosis before treatment) and on how you define “quality”. :wink: A lot of quality issues simply can’t be fixed. I’d say most quality issues can’t be fixed but some can be improved.


Where did you read this? My first impression is that it is talking nonsense.

Basically, I got the method from a rare user called “waymuu”. But DVDdoug introduced me to a plug-in called Harmonic Enhancer. So I decided to go with a new method: use an EQ and Harmonic Enhancer. And just like that, the low quality is kind of gone I guess!