Algo 8301 Pageing-Dtmf + Tone.

Working on Generating DTMF- 001, then a 4 second tone. I save as a wav file. Upload into Algo 8103 Paging and scheduler… When the scheduled time happens, I am not getting any audio on my output. Anyone ran into this when trying to get a phone system and paging-scheduler to co-inside. Phone system will page correctly, cause phone is sending DTMF, But no Audio out of Scheduler. Is my issue in Audacity Programming?

Why are you generating a tone rather than using a suitable telephone? Have you tested your setup with real (hardware generated) tones?

From the Algo website, it seems that the unit will accept a wav file.
Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.53.26 PM.png
However, I could not find any more details as to format of wav file, i.e. number of bits,
sample frequency, mono/stereo.

Perhaps this is the problem.
Do you have the complete manual, any mention of these details?

What settings did you use to export the wav file?
Maybe try other settings.
I’m guessing 32 or 44.1 KHz sample rate, mono, 16 bit.