Alesis Multimix8 Firewire Help

Hey guys. Long time viewer of the boards, first time poster here…

I’ve got a question. After reading a couple of posts about what mixers work and which ones don’t with Audacity, I purchased an Alesis Multimix8 Firewire mixer. I don’t really need anymore than 6 tracks for the stuff my band and I do, plus we REALLY need to record multi mono tracks simultaneously without mixing the signal into one single stereo track.

Here’s my problem: the Firewire. Of course, I’m running Windows on my Acer laptop. I don’t see any hub on my laptop for this Firewire connection. What must I do to get the Firewire to connect to my computer?


If you’ve not got a firewire port on your laptop (also called IEEE 1394) then you will need to get a PCMCIA Firewire (IEEE1394) card to plug into the PCMCIA slot in your laptop.

Do bear in mind that if you are recording multiple channels simultaneously, then there is a huge amount of data being written to the hard drive, and laptops often use fairly slow hard drives. In fact it is important that every component in the system is capable of working fast enough to avoid any data bottlenecks, otherwise you will get gaps and glitches in your recordings.

You will probably need a firewire card that can run at 800Mbps, not just a 400Mbps model. Also, lots of memory and lots of free disk space will be needed.

Now with that PCMCIA Firewire (IEEE1394) card, the mixer will allow me to record tracks simultaneously? Even on Vista (I’ve heard some pretty negative things about Vista)?

As far as RAM and hard drive space, I’ve upgraded those things. From 512MB of memory to 4GB, and from an 80GB hard drive to a 250GB plus a 1TB external hard drive that I use purely for my recordings. I’ve upgraded the processor from Intel Celeron to AMD Duo processor. It was a lot easier to do that than I thought…

On Vista? No idea - I’ve switched to Linux rather than going onto Vista. Best place to check is their website - I noticed that they mention a firmware update, so it is probably worth checking that out:

That will be a great place to keep your exported mixes after you have finished them, but you will probably be better to use the internal drive for the actual recording as external drives often do not allow quick enough access.

Yeah, I store mostly everything to my external hard drive while I use the internal hard drive to write my mixes to.

Ok, so I ordered the Firewire card for my PCMCIA port from Hoping it will come soon…

By the way, stevethefiddle, what kind of mixer do you use? Is it an Alesis?

Ar home I use a Behringer MX2004A, unless I’m just messing about on this computer that has an old Realistic mixer attached to it. I do most of my recording on a Yamaha Hard disk recorder (8 channels) and then mix down on a computer. At work I use a variety of mixers, from a little Behringer Xenyx, up to a big Soundcraft desk. Most of the recording at work is with ProTools.

Ok. I plugged in the PCMIA card, installed the drivers, updated my version of Vista so that there were no more updates to be found, went to the Alesis website and downloaded and installed the firmware. With all these things done, Audacity says that the mixer is not working right. I know this problem is like shooting in the dark, but any help?

Have a look at this page:

In particular, look at “Known Issues - Compatibility Mode”
“Using the Control Panel to select/enable recording devices”