Alesis Multimix - how to disconnect the usb connection ?


I am using a mixer ALESIS MULTIMIX 8 USB with a PC Vista. The mixer is well connected to the PC and Audacity via the USB.

But, despite this, there is any “Alesis” icon in the notification bar.

So, I do not know how to disconnect properly the mixer from the usb.

The manual says nothing about it ?

Thank you for your advices.

Moved to the correct Windows board.

Usually Windows hides system tray icons after a while. Try clicking the upwards-pointing arrow that says “Show hidden icons” when you hover your mouse over it. In the dialogue that appears, you can click “Customize” to choose whether icons are always visible.

Also in that dialogue, click the icon that has the green checkmark “Safely Remove Hardware”. That should list the Alesis if it is recognised by the computer. If so, click on the Alesis item then Windows will tell you when it is safe to remove the USB cable from the computer.

This is the correct way to remove a USB device. It is very important for something like a USB external hard drive. For a USB audio device it is usually OK just to disconnect the USB cable.


Thank you for your anwser.

I confirm that I can not find any icon to remove the mixer…

Meanwhile, I found on the web a manual that refers to an older version of the multimix.

If we referre to what is said in this old manual : turn the off computer first and then the Multimix.

I do not know if this applies to the new Multimix ? Probably…

The confirmation should be sought from Alesis…

I would have thought Windows “Safely Remove Hardware” would have made the Multimix safe to remove, however this Forum is for Audacity, not Alesis. :wink: If the mixer needs an operating system shutdown in order to physically remove the mixer from the computer, hence they give you no system tray icon, you have to do what they say.