Alesis 12 Sample rates

I’m running the Alesis 12 board (firewire) with Win 7 64 bit and I want to change my sample rate to kHz. I can change it on the Alesis panel, but as soon as I open a recording program it automatically reverts to 44.1kHz. If I use Cubase or WaveLab and they are set to 48kHz the Alesis forces a change back to 44.1kHz. Very annoying…anyone?


We probably can’t help you with Cubase or WaveLab.
Do you also use Audacity? If so, which version, and what happens?

No just cubase, but it’s an obvious Alesis issue!

This is Audacity forum. If you have issues with Alesis board or Cubase I’m afraid we can’t be of much assistance to you… You should contact Alesis support, they will probably be more qualified to help you.