Akai ATT01U/Audacity 2.1.2/Windows 10 [SOLVED]

Hello, I’'m trying to get through Audacity 2.1.2 stereo performance but unfortunalety without succes. I use teh Akai ATT01U USB turntable. When connecting to my home cinema I have a perfect stereo sound. When I downloaded music playback, also CD music, this is also stereo on my computer. Buth with the connected Akai ATT01U I have nono. I have had contact with Akai in my country (The Netherlands) and have their opinions setting the Akai as Audacity minitored and adjusted. Her unfortunately the sound remains mono now. Also recorded and stored mono output from Audacity. I thank both the Akai if the computer fair. Audacity is set well in my opinion. Please you want to help me to solve this problem.
Jan Mulder

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that Windows is set to record 2 channel stereo from the USB turntable.

Then launch Audacity and select the USB turntable as the recording device in the device toolbar and
set the number of channels to record to “2 channels (stereo)”.

Hello Steve, thank you for this great advice. The sound is now finnally stereo. It was not good in Windows Sound Control Panel.
Warm regards,
Jan Mulder :smiley: :smiley: