ajust amplitide of voice automatically from one sample

I am new on audacity, i am using audacity 3.2 (windows 10).
I just recorded my voice, and the amplitude is not regular. Sometimes my voice is perfectly audible, sometimes it almost vanished.
As the recording is about two hours i was wondering if it is possible to just normalize one sample of low amplitude (few seconds) and ask audacity to repeat this automatically each time it will find some identical amplitude inside the big recording. (i think the same spectrum).
But i don’t want to just make a macro and look for the region of the recording i need to treat. I want this process to decide by itself (with provided rules) if it needs to apply the normalization or not, without my intervention. Is that possible in Audacity 3.2?

That could be due to “Windows audio enhancements” processing the audio before it reaches Audacity.
Here’s how to turn audio enhancements off … https://youtu.be/eXGyAzk3fd4?t=49
(Disable recording & playback enhancements)

Dynamic-range-compression (aka compression) reduces the variations in volume.

Thank you for your answer.

I’ve tried the compressor but it does not repair the huge gap between audible level and vanished level of the voice.
It seems that’s the only way is to create a macro (normalize, repeat normalize, inscrease gain…) and apply it to each piece of recording that required a treatement…(it is time-consuming task)

There is a Leveller option under the [u]Distortion effect[/u] that you can try. (I don’t know why it’s part of “distortion”.)

There is also an old free stand-alone application called [u]The Levelator[/u] that’s probably worth a try.

Because it is a “waveshaper”, AKA a “distortion” effect. At low levels it is less obvious that it is distorting the sound, though close observation will show that the peaks are being squashed down. At higher levels it becomes obvious that it’s a distortion effect.