Aide reduction de Bruit et amplification de voix sans perte


I just register on this forum today and i know it’s not polite to ask without try to search but it’s a little complicated with the time.

I am actually in divorce and “my wife” who going away from the house about 4 months ( thai lady ) just wake up when i ask the divorce for have 50% and the our 2 kids… I don’t really care about the 50% but she never care our kids and she almost win in court …

The only thing can maybe help me is a record i have when she forget to close her phone after 1 of my call but for this record be valid it have to be clean and i really no have time with my 2 monster and my 2 works ( everything in double when alone with 2 kids ^^ )

So i come ask some help if need some gift for that just tell me right now i am a little short money with the lawyer but i will do for my kids.

thanks in advance

PS : the end is almost ok but its the beginning sometimes we hear the “voice” or breathe only with amplification

Nobody :frowning:
It will be very kind from you if someone can help me a bit I go in court on Friday…

As we’ve said may times to many folk we do not and cannot run a forensic audio service. That is why you have had no responses, we are sorry for your plight but we really can’t help you.

Topic closed.