AI is genuine stupidity - search nfg

trying to search for
“line 6 error”
search ignores the 6
i get a bazillion irrelevant answers

need to fix search so it does what i want not what it thinks i want

google does that too now and is totally worthless for me
although they can serve up more ads that way

no ads here
lets do search right

Searching for

"line 6 error"

rather than

line 6 error

gives only one result (this thread).
If you put the text between quotes it will search for the complete phrase. The same works for google.


example may not have been best

i needed to find several things
and they may not be in a phrase that can be ""ed
(or there may be too many phrases that they could have been)

my point was it omitted one thing - the 6 - that i wanted to search for
and that it should search for all items

it appears to do an or function on everything else
but omitted one item that should have been used
to filter down the results