AGPtek tape device not recognized [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.1.1 loads fine but Apple preferences/hardware/usb won’t display “USB PnP Audio Device” as installation guide for AGPtek super USB cassette capture player states. The player is connected by USB to Mac Mini running OS 10.8. Apple preferences shows USB bus/USB microphone.

It’s good you checked Mac Preferences. So the Mac knows it’s there.

Order of appearance is important. Could this be as simple as restarting Audacity? Audacity will not automatically check for new USB devices after it starts.


ALL* these manuals from ALL manufacturers show the wrong name. Apparently, they promised to name the hardware according to the buyer’s preferences and promptly forgot about it. Meanwhile, the manuals were made, of course including the name.

So it’s not only the AGPtek, but all the others too that show up as “USB microphone”…

Just use as is and hope it works.

Gotta love the Chinese :laughing:

  • If you look for it on this forum, you’ll find several other people with the same problem, but a tape player of a different brand. If you look for a picture, they’re all the same OEM equipment.

Thanks!!! It works!