Aged cracking gravely voice recording improvement?

I am helping an older woman with audio recording her own book. She is an MD, working and living as a medical missionary in Honduras for the past 15 years. Her voice shows some of the problems of an older person’s voice - sort of cracked or gravely (not sure of the right words). My processing of the audio recorded on a Sony ICD-UX533BLK Digital Voice Recorder includes removing the noise and normalization. I sent her the recorder and get her audio files through the internet.
I attach a segment of her voice – and it does perfectly reflect how she sounds at age 73, reading this in a hillside convent room in Honduras.
I would like to know if there is some way to modestly “de-age” her voice?

I can hear compression artefacts, (on “Beth” & “fourth”), which is making matters worse.
If you can use uncompressed audio, rather than lossy format like mp3,
it would avoid that (incurable) problem being created, (the file sizes will be much bigger though).

IMO the only way of de-aging is to have a younger person re-read the script.