Agaubthe fast forward

I know there have been previous posts, I am absolute beginner just wanting to host a pop quiz Zoom (late to this party) but I have recorded 10 clips with 30 secs breaks ( recorded silence) between answers to allow quality thinking time. When asked to go back to a clip how do I fast forward to clip of choice? Seems like a basic prpperty of a package to have but on reading previous posts and having a fiddle I can’t intutitively find a way. Any hl p much appreciaed, its for my 50th Birthday Pop Quiz, so forgive the grey mater.

Are those separate clips, or one continuous track with audio separated by silence?
– Bill

I’m not sure that you can. However, if you label each clip (Ctrl+B), you can use Alt-RightArrow or Alt-LeftArrow to skip between the clips.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Double click on the clip, then press “Play” (or “spacebar”).

If your “clips” are actually clips in the Audacity sense (separate, moveable chunks of audio within a track) you can use the following menu commands to move between clips:
Transport > Cursor to > Previous Clip Boundary
Transport > Cursor to > Next Clip Boundary

In Keyboard Preferences you can assign shortcut keys to these commands.

– Bill