After saving project, certain effects do not apply

Hi there,
This is the first time I’ve posted on here. I just got a brand new computer (Dell G5 5505) a couple days ago. I used Audacity successfully on my previous computer, with no issues at all, ever. I am a casual user, and don’t really use all the features, just basic stuff.

The first time I used Audacity on my new computer, it was to mix some pre-recorded tracks. I always used ogg on my last machine so that’s what I did on the new machine. But after I have saved the project for the first time, the compressor, change tempo, and change pitch will not happen. The dialog/option box comes up, and I can adjust/click thru it, but there’s no progress box like there usually is and the compression/tempo/pitch change does not occur. There’s no “undo” option in the edit menu after running the operation, which leads me to believe it never happened. But: BEFORE saving the project for the first time, these effects work! They just don’t work after saving. I’m wary of making all of my edits to a large project before ever saving it, so this is not a sustainable option for me.

I’m not doing anything differently than what I did on my old computer. Which is what is making this so frustrating - this computer is a seriously amazing upgrade from my old one (Lenovo T510). Made-to-order from Dell, I expect it to work out of the box, and play nice with my programs.

I’ve tried my other usual effects: Noise reduction, filter curve, clip fix, normalise. They all work fine. But compressor, change tempo, and change pitch do not work. I didn’t try any others cause I don’t really use anything else.

I installed the ffmpeg library. I tried working with mp3 instead of ogg. I ensured all of the OEM drivers for audio are installed fresh. I used the portable version of Audacity to see if that made a difference, nope. I uninstalled and re-installed Audacity, ensured I had the newest version. I’m not using any other programs except Chrome while Audacity is running. I have no idea where to go from here. Your ideas are greatly appreciated.

Update: I just tried installing the previous version of Audacity, 2.4.2, and these functions are working, not having any of the issues I described above. Is it a glitch in the new version? I was using the 2.4.2 version on my old computer, so I’ll use the old version for now. Please let me know if you know what’s going on and I can download the new version again. :neutral_face:

Compressor, change tempo, and change pitch all work fine here, although compressor has a problem if the selection extends before time=0.0.

Nyquist effects have a problem with long selections (more than 30 minutes). This has been fixed for the next Audacity release which is scheduled for next month.

Noise Gate fails if “hold” is set above zero. This has also been fixed for the next release.