After recording speed changes

specs: Audacity 2.0.3 + Windows 7 + steinberg CL1

Been using Audacity for a while but can never get more than one track without a delay on the newest recorded track. For example, if i have a beat track i want to record to, when i stop the recording the length of the new track shifts just a bit, making it about 3-4% longer and slower. Its really annoying since i have to record everything at once now :confused: Any way to solve this, buffersettings? The computer is really good, almost new and a lot of harddisk space

Thanks for answers!

Maybe give Audacity higher priority so it isn’t interrupted by other processes, which can cause recordings to drift out of sync.

how do i do that?

Try clicking on the link that Trebor gave you - its the blue text in his post (it’s blue cos it’s a link).