after reading the manual and FAQs I only have one question

So I spent today learning how to use Audacity, and though I still have allot to learn I am quite impressed and look forward to using it with my projects.

At this point I only have one question. there is an action I use a lot and I’m wondering if there’s an easier way to do it. I often need to move a section of a track into its own track. Currently what I’m doing in audacity is I create a new track, copy the section of track I want to move, then paste it on the new track, and finally I delete the the section from the original track.

Is there an easier way to do this?


Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split New as per .


Ah, Thank you! I could not find that part of the manual, (probably because I did not know what I was looking for) You have been immensely helpful.