After first track, everything is muffled...


I noticed a problem this morning when recording a second track on Audacity 2.0.1 - the first tracks always records fine in perfect quality but any later tracks come out quieter and muffled.
However, if I delete all tracks the first one records fine again.
The problem isn’t fixed by muting my speakers whilst recording or by moving lower tracks to the top. I am sure that it is being recorded by the same microphone (placing it under the table and moving closer to it makes sound louder so it isn’t being recorded by in-built computer mic). I have also reset all Audacity settings to the default so I don’t think it has any to do with the settings. I looked in RealTek settings and there aren’t any activated “voice effects”.

I’m not sure this is a problem with Audacity but I am posting it here just in case someone can help me.



I’m guessing, Windows 7, computer microphone plugged into the mic input of a PC laptop with RealTek HD sound card.
Am I right?

Yes, you’re spot on!

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Check that the Windows Sound Enhancements are all disabled:
Also, check in the RealTek HD settings that there are no effects (either playback or recording) enabled.
Don’t expect to get good sound quality from a built in sound card - the microphone inputs are usually rubbish, even on expensive machines.