After exporting a file the file is still there for my next record

Windows V10
Audacity V3.0.3
My input is USB from a record player
I am new to Audacity. Maybe I am missing something.
I am able to export a file to WAV format and it plays correctly
I then try to record a a new album.
I am monitoring the recording and it is correct.
I then export the file to WAV.
When I play the new recording, what was exported was the old album.
Should I be clearing the buffer or something else before I record the next album


  1. How are you monitoring?

  2. Did you try playing the file in Audacity before exporting?

  3. Are you exporting to a new file name?

  4. Are you playing the new file?

  1. I am monitoring using Software Play through on
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. I am playing the new file with Windows Media Player

Here are my steps:’

  1. Transport/Playing/Play
  2. when done Transport /Stop
  3. File export
    Then repeat for a new album, but the first album is written to the new file.

One thing I checked. If after the first recording, I export then exit Audacity. Then start up Audacity, record second album it is good.

Yes, that is right. I think you are simply appending to the previous recording. So as you say, you should " be clearing the buffer or something else before I record the next album". :smiley:

Restarting Audacity will clear that buffer. Or you could could do Ctrl-Z to undo the initial recording. You could also click the “X” at the upper left-hand corner of the track to delete it, but you will be accumulating undo information which will increase your storage needs.

I’m using the ctrl-z to clear the buffer.
It fixed my issue.
Thanks for your excellent help.