After Compressor: Deleted 30+ seconds of audio

I am on Windows 10, Audacity V3.0.2.
After I use the “Effect” for Noise Reduction, Filter Curve (low roll off/Treble Boost), I then apply the compressor. Each time I do this, the audio track is shortened (or a section is deleted) by 30-45 seconds. It just deletes the audio segment. I have to hit Undo to get the audio clip back.
I cannot figure out how to use the compressor without it deleting large segments on the front of a track.
Thank you very much,

How long is the show? Audacity creates Edit > UNDO for many effects and filters by making a copy of The Whole Show. It doesn’t really UNDO anything. It just flips back to the last known good show. If you have a long and complex show and you’re running out of computer memory or drive space — or you’re working from an external, network, or cloud drive, Audacity may not be able to keep up.


Which segment ?

IIRC, there was a bug in one of those effects when processing very long audio (close to an hour or longer). I believe this bug was corrected in 3.0.5. Regardless, I would suggest upgrading to the current version of Audacity, which is 3.1.3. See:

How many audio tracks in the project?
Do any of the audio tracks extend to before time = 0?

If an audio track extends before zero, there will be little black arrows like this:

First Track000.png