After Audacity editing

I am new to forum and cannot work out the best topic to place my post under so have posted here and on one titled ‘Windows stable’. Apologies if I have broken any rules. Perhaps you could advise. Thanks.
Newcomer here, just registered and am eager to see if anyone can help an old technical idiot. :unamused: Hope I have chosen the correct forum topic.
I have just purchased a bit of hardware to transfer all my old tapes onto a MP3 player (which at present I know nothing about) and am on a great learning curve as I am not technically minded at all!! I have arrived at the stage where I have transferred my first tape track onto iTunes 9, and also have managed to export the track onto Audacity to edit. I have (after two days of puzzling my brain on how to use it!), successfully edited the track. My music tracks on iTunes are in the MP3 format as far as I am aware. I am now stuck as to how to get the edited track back into iTunes as the newly edited version. I have tried to do it, and thought I had, but when i play the track in iTunes it is still the unedited version :angry: How do I put my newly edited track back into my iTunes please? :confused: Ex[lain in very simple language please :blush:
Many thanks

If you’re using Audacity version 1.2.6 on Windows, then your other post is in the correct place.
I don’t use iTunes so I can’t help with that but hopefully another user will be able to give advice in your other post.
I’ll lock this topic to avoid cross-posting.