After a restart, .aup files do not open *Manual Recovery?!?*

Lately when I reach a certain checkpoint with an Audacity project (ex:/xyz.aup) , I can no longer open the last-saved project after a restart. Instead I get the following message inside an Error Importing box:

XYZ.aup” Is an audacity project file. Use the ’File > Open’ command to open audacity projects.


Both the .aup files X 3 and their relative data folders are on Desktop. To my knowledge, they are complete. I would greatly appreciate a worthwhile minute of consideration. Thanks in advance.

Windows 7

when I reach a certain checkpoint

What does that mean?
How were you trying to open the show? I double click the AUP file and the show usually just opens.

.aup files X 3

That would be the last three project saves? None of them open? Are you given to putting dates in the filenames? Punctuation marks?

Do you save the shows with minor differences in the filenames to differentiate them from each other. MyMusic-1, MyMusic-2.

We had one poster who never saved his projects. He just dumped his computer and depended on Emergency Recovery to bring his show back. One day it didn’t.


What version of Audacity are you using, for example, 2.1.2? Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

That means, use File > Open… rather than File > Import > Audio… to open AUP files.

If you see the same error using File > Open… please attach the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files:

If the file is empty, it is unrecoverable, unless the material is an unedited recording.


Thanks for the prompt reply! When I reach a checkpoint refers to after I’ve mixed so the composition is listenable by my standards. I’ve noticed that it typically happens when I shutdown my Windows 7 PC with Audacity still open, even though I have saved the .aup project before doing so. Although there was no prior problem doing this, none whatsoever requiring Emergency Recovery, now it causes the projects to become unopenable by either double-clicking the .aup on the Desktop where the Data folders remain intact or by opening the program and then clicking File > Open.

“X 3” - I mean it has happened to three separate audacity projects. I will seek to attach them…

bekay 8118.aup (148 KB)
KA.aup (269 KB)
viramundo2.aup (163 KB)
@Gale - Audacity 2.1.2 it is

Yes those three AUP files are all empty, so sadly the projects are unrecoverable unless you have backups or WAV files you exported before you saved the AUP’s (or unless any are unedited recordings).

I added a FAQ to the upcoming 2.1.3 Manual for this. Don’t shut down the computer until the projects are saved, and in case it’s a bug (which we’ll test), exit Audacity before shutting down the computer.

Can you give us any more details as to your exact procedure? Is the failed project save just before you shut down the one and only time you try to save the project?