Advice: Recording Vinyl & Amp Setup

Dear Board Members and Clever People,

I am having a couple of problems using a Numark TTi USB turntable and a Cambridge Audio Amp with regards to recording and setup and i would love some help or advice:

  1. I have set up my new turntable with my new amp but there is a problem with the volume. On full volume the sound is what i would expect to be normal listening volume (i.e. the sound volume is roughly half of what i would expect - if not more). I knwo this might eb quite hard to answer if not familar with the two pieces of kit, but any tips, advice of things to try would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have been recording Vinyl onto my laptop using EZ Vinyl Converter and again have a problem with sound. Once the music is in my Itunes its very quite. I not sure that this is connected with my other sound problem as i presume it doesn’t record in real sound (i.e. when i’m recoridng and i turn down my amp thsi doesn’t effect the volume of the recording).

If these cannot be answered then please would someone atleast point me in the right direction where they could be!

Many thanks in advance,


If the recording level shows a reasonable signal in Audacity (the waveform going up to around half of the maximum height) then that will be fine. After you have finished recording you can use the “Amplify” effect to bring the level up.

A “bit” quiet is fine, “extremely quiet” (looks like almost a flat line) is a problem, “a bit too loud” (the waveform bumping up against the edges of the track) is a BIG problem.

I’m puzzled as to why you are using an amp in addition to the Numark - my understabding is the the TT that you have contains ann inbuilt pre-amp and DAC (soundcard) and all that you should need to do is to connect to your computer via the USB plug? :confused:

If the Numarks’s are like the ION TTs (same company basically) you should find a gain control hidden underneat at the back - not very ergonomic when you are playing the LP, but it does work.

Also, I note from reading the specs on the Numark website that the TT you have has the functionalty to record direct to an iPod. Have you tried that, and if so, how well does it work?