advanced alignment

I have a single long track, and a large number of short tracks I want to mix in with random offsets separating the shorter tracks. It is a trivial task to generate the offsets programmatically. Is it possible to import a specification on the offsets to place tracks that will be mixed together?


Should this question be asked in a different forum?

Actually, for a change, I think this is in exactly the right forum.

The reason that you haven’t got a reply yet is because I think you have stumped the band.

AFAIK there is now way to do this programmatically. I seem to remeber similar questions being asked before - and I don’t recall any of thaose having the desired outcome.

What can be searched for is “silence” between tracks - but that probably doesn’t help you with your usage I guess. So it may be a tedious manual task.

Sorry I can’t be nore helpful.