Adobe Audition is far superior to Audacity

I suspect that you are just trolling, but giving you the benefit of doubt, go ahead and tell us how Adobe Audition (US$20.99 per month) is “far superior” to Audacity (free forever).

There’s a note here about Adobe subscription services. I applied for one year of Adobe Photoshop CC. It wasn’t useful, so I dropped it after one year. But Adobe didn’t drop me.

There are five active Adobe apps and helper programs running on my machine right now, not counting the Creative Cloud Manager in the upper menu bar.

I get regular emails to rejoin the Adobe community and see all the swell things I can do.

There is an Adobe “uninstall” app which can—it is said—clean all that up, but I don’t have an up-to-date Mac and I’m terrified what’s going to happen if I try it. Ever had to reinstall your Mac from a Time Machine backup? I haven’t either and I’m not eager to start now.


Probably trolling, but since it was mentioned…
Uhmm…Adobe products…No thank you.
IMO they are too expensive, provide nothing that can’t be done with something else
and all that crud that you have to install just hogs resources and makes a mess of your computer.

I won’t even use Adobe PDF reader, the Chrome Browser built in PDF viewer works great.
And for those that use a Mac, no, you don’t need Adobe’s viewer either.
Simply by pressing space bar on a selected PDF, will open it generically.