adjusting volume on recorded tracks

Hey, I am recording my voice in 10-20 second clips to record narration for a documentary… however, I find that it is hard to keep my voice volume the same throughout. Is there a way I can edit each chosen track to be all together at the same volume? thanks

Typically, this is done with manual adjustments and compression.

I’d start with Amplify, setting the peaks of each file/clip to 0dB. Then if there are a few files that don’t seem to match, you can adjust-down the loud-sounding files… After “normalizing” the peaks to 0dB, you can’t increase the volume without clipping (distortion), so you have to reduce the loud-sounding files to match the quiet-sounding ones.

Then, you can experiment with the Compressor effect, if you wan’t to make the files more-even and louder sounding. (When used with “make-up gain”, compression tends to make “everything loud”.)

You can also try a FREE program called [u]The Levelator[/u]. (It’s supposed to be a simple “one click” solution.)

Not to be confused with Effects > Leveller which is a hard limiter/distortion generator.


Also, if you’re on a Windows machine, you should make sure the Windows conference service isn’t running and “helping” you set levels.

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