Adjusting Voice Volume

Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Audacity 2.1.1

I am a complete novice! I am making a cd comprised of all my brothers and sisters (10) plus any spouses. I am having each record a Capella, then sending them to me to mix. This is just for fun.
The problem I am having is some parts of individual voices are recorded very loud but the entire track is pretty good. Is there a way to lower the volume on select pieces of a recording? I know I can turn down or increase the entire voice but can I do it in just a small section?

Thank You

2 ways:

  1. “Select” the part that you want to change (the easiest way I find is to click and drag on the waveform, but other ways are described here: This will highlight the selected section. Then apply the Amplify effect (“Effect” menu) and amplify by a negative amount.

  2. Use the “Envelope Tool” (see:

Thanks so much, I will give it a try.