adjusting USB Audio Input

I Have a Fenton turntable which came complete with software for Audacity, it has a USB output for recording. However, the input volume is far too high, and I can find no way of adjusting it.
I did find a previous post which seemed to indicate that it is not possible to adjust audio input, is this correct?

I have previously used Adobe Audition but have recently upgraded my Laptop and it does not have DVD player so I can’t install my copy of Audition


running Windoze 10 and Audacity 3.2

This slider controls the input volume when it can:
When it can’t, you’ll have to go to your system settings to adjust them. In the Windows 11 settings, it’s under System > Sound > Input

Make sure [u]Windows Microphone Boost[/u] is OFF (0dB) for the USB input. (We know it’s not a microphone but Windows MAYU still have that option.)

The issue with USB is that if you need to control the volume, the ANALOG volume should be adjusted before it’s digitized… The analog-to-digital converter is built-into the turntable and if the analog-to-digital converter is [u]clipping[/u] (distorting) it doesn’t help to reduce the digital level after it’s clipped.

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Download [u]here[/u].

Which audio device is cheap and good for reference to do the recording?

What do you want to record? If you want to record your voice and you have a laptop you can record from the microphone built-into your computer. You can also record streaming audio from the Internet with no additional hardware.