Adjusting tone to slide up and down during clip

I’d like to be able to take a single tone and make the tone slide up and down during the clip. The best way I can describe it is to imagine a whammy bar on a guitar or a trombone.


I’ve tried Effect>Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift but that makes the clip all the same pitch and adds a very tinny sound.

Does anyone have any tips?

Forgive me if I don’t know if the correct term is pitch, tone, frequency, etc. I’m new to this whole world so I’ve a lot to learn.

Then maybe you did it wrong. Changing the musical pitch of a tone or other sound is its job.

Just because somebody else recently got into this: Changing the pitch of a sound is not the same as performing a pitch change. You can’t change the pitch of a man and change him into a woman. You just get a very weird sounding man.

A high note on a trombone and a very low note are not just pitch shifted from each other. They’re almost different instruments.

The trombone sound of The Grownups speaking in a Peanuts cartoon is done with slide pitch changes and changing the cap or mute on the end of the bell. They were trying to do that with an Audacity filter. They may be still trying.


Koz, thanks for the info. I’ll play around with the settings some more and see what I can figure out. Do you have any suggestions of what settings I could use to reach the desired effect with minimal distortion?

My world tends toward clear, simple recording with no apparent distortion (harder than you think). We should wait for an elf more familiar with special effects as a goal.


See also: Time Track

Try Oversampling (track menu, resample, e.g 4 times original rate).
This does improve the result occasionally.
Don’t forget to resample it back afterwards.