Adjusting the volume on 200+ wave files?

I have 200 wave files that are in a game I would like to modify. I can manually change the volume from 0db to -18db but even with ctrl+v and ctrl+shift+e to paste the -18 and export it, it takes about 10-20 seconds per file which will add up. I also need to make a second copy of the files and set the gain at -9db, so doing it all a second time is a big hassle.

Is there anyway to do this quickly? They are all in separate folders at the moment if that will make any difference. Usually about 2-5 wav files per folder.

I doubt you can get Audacity simple command Macros to do this because Macros can’t make decisions.

IF this is the last file in a folder THEN go to the next folder.

Can’t do that.

You may be able to write a Python script or other advanced program.


Here’s the instructions for Macros.

I wrote a simple Macro to automatically apply the three Audiobook Mastering tools to a reading/performance. Without the Macro, I would have to manually apply Effect > Filter Curve, and then Effect > Loudness Equalization, and then Effect > Limiter. Instead, I would use Tools > Apply Macro > Audiobook Mastering.

That’s the kind of job Macros do. Straight process. No decisions.


See here:
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