Adjusting Player Speed

I am a new user of Audacity and have downloaded the latest software 2.0.5 using the .exe installer - I am using this with my Windows XP operating system (soon to change) and am using a turntable with 45rpm records. The playback speed is slightly less than it should be for 45rpm - my manual indicates I need to adjust the player speed to match the record speed. I don’t know how to do this?? I haven’t found any associated documentation. Thank you.

So the turntable is rotating at the wrong speed? Capture normally in Audacity and then Effect > Change Speed to correct the show. Audacity doesn’t run any effects or corrections during record. You have to put the correction values in — you have to know. There’s no way for the software to know how much off it is.

If you know by what length the recording is too long you can look at to calculate the percentage correction needed.


thank you for the information, however, I am unable to access any of the items on the dropdown menus for both Effect and Analyze. I am currently running Windows XP Version 2000, SP2 on my computer operating system. Thank you

Please try pressing the yellow Stop button: Audacity Manual .

SP2 is very insecure. Unless you have been accepting all Windows Updates since you installed SP2, I strongly suggest you upgrade to SP3 now before Microsoft completely removes support for Windows XP: Windows XP support has ended - Microsoft Support .