Adjusting Master Volume Affects Recordings

I just got a new computer with Windows 7 64 Home Edition. I’ve installed the latest version of Audacity. I’m attempting to record a radio show online. I’ve noticed that when I adjust the volume via the Windows taskbar, it’s affecting my recording.
I need to keep my volume at a high level to get a good recording, but the master volume switch still shouldn’t be interfering like this. I’ve been a long time Audacity user when I had XP, but don’t remember having to deal with this issue.

… the master volume switch still shouldn’t be interfering like this.

Maybe. When you establish the recursive pathways needed to record internet sound, you run the Play and Record services at the same time. Anything in either pathway can affect the sound.

Win7 doesn’t do things like the earlier systems did.


If you are recording using “Stereo Mix” then the playback volume will affect the recording.
The “Stereo Mix” input option (when available) records whatever is playing through the sound card. If the “emptying trash” sound plays loudly while you are recording, it will be recorded loudly. If Internet radio is playing quietly, it will be recorded quietly.

When recording from Stereo Mix it is often advisable to disable system sounds. It is also often necessary to have the computer playback level fairly loud - if it is too loud through your speakers, turn down the level on your speakers.

I’ve been recording online radio shows for years with Audacity. I’ve always had system sounds turned off. I very rarely even use my computer while recording because I don’t want to stumble onto a site that might have autoplay set up.

I’ve noticed that when I use the ‘Input Volume Slider’ on Audacity I get more of an echo as I increase the volume. My sound is perfect when the slider is at 0, but then no sound is recorded because it gives me a flat line.

Besides ‘Stereo Mix’ my only other option is Microsoft Sound Mapper. I’ve never used it and not even sure what it is. I hope to get this resolved soon as the radio show I plan on recording airs tomorrow.

Look in the Audacity “Transport” menu and ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected). If that is enabled it will account for why you are getting an echo.

Software Playthrough was unchecked. The only one that was checked was Overdub.

I did solve my issue. I noticed that my stereo mixer volume was maxed out, so muting that has made everything right.