Adjusting levels in stereo sample

Hello all, my first post here. This may be a naive question, but at least it should be an easy one as well.

I have some samples I made with synths (risers, crashes,one-shots and so on), some of which are uneven or hit unevenly at first on the left and right sides. Is there something - short of making it mono, then stereo again - that I can use to have the sample remain in stereo, but to equalize the volume content on both sides? Too many of these samples in a project requires always checking the left/right balance on the finished product. (Although I must admit that some of them really do have a nice auto-panning effect without the use of any extra processing - but that’s obviously not the point here).

Thanks for your time.

Try Split Stereo Track in the Audio Track Dropdown Menu then use the Envelope Tool on separately on each channel to suit.

You may want to Zoom in.


Thanks very much for the help, looks like the only way to do it. Thought there might have been some summing/leveling tool to just mix the two.

You could use Effect > Normalize… with “Normalize stereo channels independently” enabled. But I thought you may want to exert finer control on the shape than that.