Adjusting EQ on the timeline

Hi guys!

I have a rather simple need, and i’ve been looking my eyes out to find how to do it. In a piece of software that does way more advanced stuff, I cannot believe this is impossible.

I want to modify the amount of a frequency (just lo or mid or hi) gradually (like a fade, but just for a particular frequency).

What you do in other software (say, Ableton) - you switch on a control line on the waveform for, say, “low” - make your own points on it and drag them up or down to manually create a curve you need.

Similar how you would use envelope tool in Audacity to adjust your track volume.

I can imagine something like that can be achieved via Spectogram, but maan, that sounds way too complicated for such a simple task.

Hope someone can shed a light!

And happy crispy fall to you all :slight_smile:

Probably the easiest way is:

  1. Duplicate the track (command + D)
  2. Apply EQ to the duplicate
  3. Crossfade the two tracks (

So I cannot make a manual “zigzag” of the desired frequency if i want to? I thought it’s something that many people would need? I guess not, then :smiley:

Audacity doesn’t do much in real time. You can create the tracks as above and zig zag back and forth in post production with the Envelope Tool.


Thank you so much for such fast answers!
And thank you for the big work developing all this!

Yes you can, but that’s not what you asked.
By “Zigzag” I presume that you mean something like this “High Pass Filter (LFO)” effect:

Well high pass filter will still apply itself to the selected part of the track in a constant level.

What I want to do is, for example, use zero % bass for the first 10 seconds of the track, then increase it from zero to 50% over the course of the next 5 seconds, then keep it at 50%, then reduce again, and so on. I don’t need to listen real-time to what i’m doing, just be able to see the visual representation on the timeline somehow. But I understand, this is not a feature, no problems!

You could use the envelope tool * to control how much of each track:

thanks for the hack! :slight_smile: