Adjustable Fading Out for Language Learning Videos


I’m creating some videos for language learning. They consist of an introductory text followed by an exercise.

All along the video the user listens to a soundtrack, whose volume decreases while the user does the exercise. I reduce the volume during the exercise by entering a negative value in Effect > Volume and Compression > Amplify (e.g. -12dB)

Let me give you an example. Let’s say we have a video consisting of 50 seconds. The exercise starts in second #15.

To provide a smooth transition between the mainstream volume and the decreased volume during the exercise part, I create a “fade out” effect between seconds #12 and #15 by applying Fading > Fade Out

However, if I do this, the volume in second #15 increases from 0% (because it fades out completely) to the decreased volume value that I selected for the exercise.

What could I do so that the sound fades out in second #12 and matches the volume of the exercise without fading out completely? I’ve tried Fading > Adjustable Fade but haven’t been able to achieve this.

I think I found the solution on Youtube and it works fine for me.

I can do this by using “keyframes.” Here’s a tutorial in case somebody else needs it:

I don’t think that “keyframes” is the correct word, but yes you can use the Envelope Too.

Other options include Audacity’s “Auto Duck” effect, and the “Adjustable Fade” effect.

There’s a full list of effects that are included in Audacity, here:

Thanks, I think I’ll use the auto duck effect.

Tip: Play with it first with an unimportant project. It may take a few goes to get the effect exactly like you want it, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a very useful and time-saving effect.