Adjust Volume w/in Project

I have an assignment to do for grad school. Here is what we have to do:

using Audacity (or other audio software), create an mp3 file that has background music w/ me reading a poem. I’ve recorded the poem, and the background music sounds fine. But there are four things I have to do w/ the background music:

  1. fade in (done)
  2. lower volume slightly as I begin to speak and throughout my reading
  3. as my reading ends, raise volume slightly
  4. fade out (done)

Can anyone help me w/ 2 and 3? Fade in/out are easy effects to find and do, but I can’t fade out in the middle of the background because I still need the background, just at a lower level. Is there a way you can set a volume level for the whole middle chunk of the audio?

MANY thanks!


You want the Envelope Tool.

I scoured the Internet for 8 minutes (it was a very thorough scouring, I assure you), and found a YouTube video showing how to use it.

But the video isn’t in english. It is, however, still pretty easy to see how to use it. Start watching the video at 3 minutes in and take a close look at how he adjusts the volume of the tracks:

Does anyone know of any good videos (in English) showing how to use each tool?