Adjust volume of sections of a track

Hello everyone,

Is there any way that I can adjust the volume level of a portion of a track?
And, can this be used to eliminate clipping?



There are ways to change the volume of the clipping damage. Clipping is one of the things you can do during a live performance that’s permanent, and if it’s bad enough, fatal. Audacity has Effect > Clip-Fix, but what that does, in a very brief segment of track, is guess what the clipped sound might have been based on surviving work on both sides. In real life, it makes the blue waves look good and gives you a fuzzy-warm feeling without fixing the bad sound.

You can use the Envelope Tool to change any portion of the track at any detail you wish.


Thank Koz; just what I was looking for.
I’ve had the same experience with Clip Fix; it doesn’t help much.