Adjust the position of an equipment

Hi experts:
I want to join two tracks (not to combine) to form a one single long track. First track is piano solo and then simphony orchestra with piano. However i found that the piano position doesnt seems to match after joining. Can anyone here teach me how can i position the piano of the first track.

  1. Import both tracks - this will produce 2 audio tracks in Audacity.
  2. If required, trim off any excess silence from the start/end of the tracks.
  3. Use the Time Shift tool to drag the second track to the right so that it plays after the first track:
  4. Export your masterpiece.

Sorry perhaps i havent made my message clear enough. I mean the piano solo of the 1st track is close to the audience (in the front of the stage) while in second track the piano sound is somewhere in the left corner. Is there any trick that can move the piano sound of the 1st track a bit back in the left, and match with the 2nd track. Tks…

Try adding a little reverb
You may also need to apply some equalization

The left/right position can be adjusted using the track “pan” control