adjust recording level


after reading UCA202 help and record volume help - I still cannot figure out how to adjust the level

Stated: Play a record, play an instrument, or sing through the mixer. Don’t peak much over -10 to -6 on the Audacity meters. You can fix low levels later, but you cannot fix overloading

I cannot adjust the incoming volume - and I am at -1

Slider for adjustment is as described frozen.
My Mac 10.8.5 Audi midi looks much more simple than the one on the help page.
What can I do to adjust the record level?

The UCA202 has no normal volume controls. That’s one reason it’s so cheap. If you’re recording high volume in Audacity, you should reduce the show volume at the mixer. My mixer and Audacity meters rarely come out even. The mixer is normally run slightly lower than I would normally run it to make Audacity come out right. That’s how I do all my production.

You may run into troubles if your mixer is doing two different things. For example if you’re playing to a dance floor and you’re trying to record the performance, that may be sticky. You may only be able to get one set of levels to come out right. That or set the dance amps so they’re happy at the same volume Audacity is. Then do everything else at the mixer.

I can also use an older Mac which does have input level controls.



Thank you Koz, I do not find a mixer in Audacity where to adjust volume

No dance floor - just want to convert my old Tapes - sadly I cannot regulate the tapedeck line out.

I do not find a mixer in Audacity

The mixer is a physical device. That’s mine on the right.

I cannot regulate the tapedeck line out.

So you have one of these:

And that’s the problem. No adjustments anywhere in the system. Do the Audacity sound meters go all the way up at any time? If they don’t, then there’s nothing wrong with what you have. It’s only when the recording sound meters touch the right-hand edge that you create distortion. I know the Audacity meters are red, but there may not be actual damage yet.

You can inspect for distortion on the blue waves. After you finish one tape, Analyze > Find Clipping. or View > Show Clipping. they give you slightly different information. If neither one shows you any damage, then there might not be any.

Depending on the tape machine, very hot tapes may have been damaged when they were being made, so there is that problem.

You can solve this with parts, too. People make RCA attenuators. Little things you put between the tape machine and the UCA202 to drop the level. If it’s very close now, the 3dB attenuators should do it.

I see the reviews didn’t think too highly of these things. Probably why they’re on clearance.

So those are the options. I can put the signal through my dance mixer and reduce it there or I can build my own attenuators which doesn’t help you at all.


Does your Mac have a Stereo Line-In?

Some smaller Macs have one connection that can switch.

Maybe you don’t need the UCA202 at all.


You can regulate the headphones out of the tape deck if you connect to that.


You can regulate the headphones out

What he said.


Thank you all for commends and link.
BTW: nice images
Koz, I will try the 3 db attenuators, sound like the best solution.
UCA202 has limitations yap, but I am a happy camper because I can regulate the headphones (old LUXMAN K-105 tapedeck does not have the option and I do not own any amp)